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We design and manufacture specialist  and professional products for you and your dog, for groomers, hydrotherapy pool operators and dog walkers. We offer the widest range of dog towels and specialised quality products used by professionals including the Aquamat Chiller cool coat for dogs and our microfibre drying coat. When a dog is wet or muddy much time is expended cleaning and drying him. Aquamat professional products are designed to:

           Save time by doing the job faster

           Save time by doing the job more effectively

           Save time by reducing the number of towels you wash

In particular, we produce a range of towels for every type of user, every circumstance and every dog. However, they will always have two things in common. Firstly, they will be fast and so reduce drying time. Secondly, they will work when wet, which may not sound as important as speed, but conventional towels don’t work when wet, which means they are replaced by a dry towel and the wet one adds to the queue at the washing machine. If you can use a towel even when wet and squeeze excess water from it to continue its use, then you will find you will reduce quite substantially the number of towels you put in your washing machine. Whether you are a groomer, operate an hydrotherapy pool, work gundogs, or are a pet owner trying to cope with muddy legs and paws over the winter, you will find this advantage increasingly relevant following your purchase of any of our towels.

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